After the surge of scripts in 2012, Scott Cramton as Detective Peter Ness Booble Heads were made for employees and a few fans.


What We Know

In 2002 Scott Cramton founded Grand Rapids Improv Company which later became the nationally recognized “The Murder Mystery Company.”  One of the grand fathers of the Immersive Theater and the man solely responsible for the GRIMPROV technic of acting and training.


Scott’s mysterious life (see disappearances) brought about a love of mystery from an early age.  While Scott has granted almost no interviews over the past 10 years some points are easy to find and check out.


• Scott’s parents Ronald and Julie Cramton are still alive and married to this day.

• Scott’s brother Chad is the current CEO of The Murder Mystery Co.

• He writes all of his mysteries plays in a bubble, most do not witness his plays until they are actually preformed.  Justin Issa The National Director of The Murder Mystery Co was quotes as saying, “I did 10 shows with him, before he handed me anything but the words from my own part and the sentence before.”

• He was born with a sever clef pallet and according to his parents was “Likely to never be able to fully communicate with the outside world.”

• Although it is unclear how Scott won Thespian of the Year by the time he left high school, despite his clef pallet.

• He commonly switches places with his younger brother Chad.

• He has not been seen since early 2010.

• Between 2011-12 three plays were penned by him, although this is on claim of The Murder Mystery Company alone and NOT a definite fact.


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