Mysterious Disappearances

Over the past 10 years Mr. Cramton has proven to be as elusive and mysterious and the suspects in his various plays.  As erratic as he is brilliant, Scott has an extensive past of disappearing for months or years at a time, then reappearing at equally odd times.  Since he has never given an explanation to his whereabouts, the best that can be done is to compile a list of sighting’s and vague time frames.  Most information can be sited on The Murder Mystery Co.’s Wikipedia Page, MMC National Director Justin Issa of and various press releases over the years.


2004 Scott began The Murder Mystery Company.  He was seen most of this year as he worked almost exclusively with previously known associates.  It should be noted that he almost never hired outside help.

March of 2005 disappeared for 10 months after filming a series of videos for the website.  Maintained control of The Murder Mystery Co. through a long time friend.

December of 2005 was spotted briefly with mystery writer Cleo Coyle

January of 2006 appeared with 15 new scripts and the written out formula for what was later coined as The Grimprov Method.  Stayed in Grand Rapids, MI to implement changes with The Murder Mystery Co.

March of 2007 Penguin Book Publishing reported was unable to contact Scott for the final proof of a novel with an undisclosed name.  While a verbal agreement for the story had been reached Scott’s absence put the book in permeate hiatus.

2007 through 2009 sites were various, often fraudulent and far-reaching.  Although many were in Russia and Denmark, which could be true.

In the middle of 2009 dozen of comedic videos from Scott were sent to The Murder Mystery Co with the expressed instructions to build pages around and put up.  It is unclear who shot most of these or whom the other actors were.

In 2009 Mr. Cramton did indeed return to helm The Murder Mystery Co. although it was not the correct Cramton.  Scott’s brother Chad Cramton was hired on to conduct affairs.

To this day the heavier set Chad still does interviews and sometimes videos posing as Scott.  While the two are similar in appearance the difference is often very obvious.

In 2010 to 2011 Scott returned to his Murder Mystery Company Empire.  Scott worked day to day with fellow employees and appeared to have finally set root into Grand Rapids.  Although, no employee could give an accurate account of his residence.

March of 2011 Scott disappeared this time not even his brother was said to have heard from him.

2011 was arguably Scott’s most successful year, The Murder Mystery Company rose to the national spotlight as the second largest theater company in America.

In June of 2012 Chad was named CEO of The Murder Mystery Co.

While it is hard to prove, 3 more recent plays were supposedly penned by Scott in between 2012 to 2013, including his smash hit Best Laid Plans.

As of early 2014 there has not been conclusive evidence that Scott Cramton is still alive and writing plays.

The Mystery surrounding Scott continues as Chad will still conduct interviews as Scott from time to time.


As of the writing of this, the police have never investigated Scott’s whereabouts.


A recent Chad Cramton Photo, but where is Scott?

This 2010 Photo may be the most 
recent picture of Scott Cramton
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