For those that do no know Scott Cramton founded The Murder Mystery Company is 2004.  Through ground breaking innovation in the fields of audience psychology and submersive theater he changed common dinner theater to a nationwide smash hit.  Specializing in strictly Interactive Murder Mysteries, the often reclusive Mr. Cramton used unique elements woven into the scripts to break the forthwall.


His mystery shows have been preformed over 15,000 times since 2004.  Have been seen by over 150,000 people and 300 of the Fortune 500 companies in America have hired Scott’s company to preform.


Not much is know about Scott the person and what is know is often hard to believe.  However, his views on modern theater are well documented.  Here is a quote from a February 2009 Article in the Washington, DC “Blade” (newspaper).


“I find most theater insulting and I believe a lot of people do deep down. You sit there and Theater acts like it’s still the movies, but it doesn’t have the budget, stars or closeness of a camera to really make that true.  Yet it still tries to do exactly what the movies do and the cost is outrageous.  Why doesn’t it simply interact?  That is what we do about The Murder Mystery Co.  We make the shows about the audience, we don’t compete with movies, we do things they never could.

The most interesting things in life are never what you watch it’s what you did.  People walk out of The Murder Mystery Company shows with a story about them and their friends. That is what theater should be.”


Mr. Cramton’s ideals of theater are now carried out over the entire country.





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